One of the reasons why many people love online betting is the thrill and excitement it provides. Being the crowd favorite in a match or game does not ensure winning. Sometimes the underdog can snatch victory right in front of the opponent’s eyes. The payouts for a winning underdog is often more than that of a favorite. There are many details punters consider to determine the underdog or the favorite. Most average bettors only refer to the odds to figure it out.

Betting odds

Approaching a bookmaker to make a bet means you are willing to predict something related to a specific event. The bookmaker displays their offered odds for you to think them through. You will receive a specified amount of money based on your stake if your prediction turns out to be correct. The offered odds are not random numbers. Statisticians and mathematicians create them for sportsbooks, such as, based on probability. Odds protect bookmakers and ensure they do not get exposed to massive losses. Factors that influence a bookmaker’s odds include injuries, irregular betting patterns, and squad disharmony.


Newcomers may find the terminology in betting odds quite daunting. A punter needs to understand odds to increase the possibility of winning. There are three ways to differentiate between a favorite to win a game or match.

Odds on

An odds-on team is more likely to win. The chance it wins outweighs the possibility of the team losing. The expected payout, in this case, is lower than if you choose the opposing team. A safe prediction often has a shorter odds payable. There are various representations of odds, and it is best to grasp the concept after learning about odds.

Odds against

The opposite of odds on, it refers to odds against an event happening. A player or team has less chance of winning. There is a higher payout when you win with this odd.

Even odds

The result can go either way with evens. There are equal chances for a team or player to win or lose.

Betting odds and their various representations can be a little strange for most beginners. It is imperative to know that they are crucial when it comes to placing your bets. Sportsbooks offer and represent odds in their distinct way. With modern technology, you can be at ease knowing you have the necessary tools at hand. There are many odds and payouts calculators available online.