Online Casino Games With The Best Odds: The Top Three

Online Casino Games With The Best Odds: The Top Three

People play online casino games for various reasons. Those who want to improve their chances of winning and making a profit know they need an edge. Knowing which games have the best odds will let you get that edge at any casino like Bets10. It is true that the house always wins because none of the casino games have good odds for players. All casino games give the house a better chance of winning. Although this is the case, there are games that offer better odds than others. You have the best odds of winning at table games. They work out better for most players although a bit intimidating than slot games.


Even though Blackjack is a simple card game, you need some skill to win the game. The odds of winning in this game is about 49% which is not too bad. In Blackjack, you do not play against others but against the dealer. Even two or more players can play at the same time but each player goes against the dealer only. The goal of this game is to have a hand with a total value as closest to 21 as possible. The challenge is you have to reach that value without going over the said value. The game relies not only on luck but on skill, too.



The odds of winning for Craps is almost 50%. This table game uses dice which one player rolls.  The other players will place their bets then. They need to predict the right outcome of the roll to win the game. There are several bets for this game but the simplest one is to bet whether the shooter will win or lose on his or her roll. Making more specific bets will let your odds of winning drop and your payouts increase.


Like Craps, this wheel game has almost 50% odds of winning. It is a game using a wheel with thirty-eight numbers. The first thirty-six numbers are either red or black. The number zero is in green. A croupier or roulette dealer spins the wheel and the ball falls on any of the numbers.

Making use of the best strategies in the world of online casinos will not guarantee you a win. The three games above have the best odds but they still have odds. That means you win less than half the time. You will also need plenty of luck if you want to win big.