Do’s and Don’ts When Dining At Hotel Casino Restaurants

Do’s and Don’ts When Dining At Hotel Casino Restaurants

If you are staying at fancy hotels like the ones at Aqua Caliente during your business trip, then it is essential that you have to prepare yourself not only for better food but also on how you should dress and behave. Fine dining restaurants mostly have dress codes and other rules to follow. You do not want to embarrass yourself and come unprepared.

So when staying at casino hotels, you are not only there to have fun at the casinos. You also have to try and enjoy the food at their fancy restaurants. So if you and your business partners want to have fun at casinos and dine, here are the set of rules that you have to follow when you are planning to dine at a fancy hotel casino restaurant:

Don’t Put Anything On the Table.

After arriving at the restaurant and while waiting for food, one of the mistakes that many people do is put their phones, purse, and keys on the table. This can be a huge distraction not only to your guests but also to your waiter. So give the waiters a break and keep these smaller items in your pocket. And if you are a lady, you usually have a place underneath your table where you can hang your bag.

Your Guests Should Order First

If you are the one hosting the meeting, show respect, and be courteous by letting your guests order first. And if you are a woman and your business meetings are all men, the waiter will still ask first for your order. But then request the waiter to serve him first.

Do's and Don'ts When Dining At Hotel Casino Restaurants

Where To Put Your Utensils After Eating

After eating, where do you need to place your utensils? Once you are done, place the tools on the plate. The fork tines should face up. This signals the waiter that you are finished with your meal, and your plate is ready to be cleared.

Know Where The Napkin Should Be

During dinner, you have to wait until the host signals for everyone in the table to pick up their napkins and place them on your lap. And if you want to take a break, leave the napkin on your seat. And when you get back, pick it up from there. And after dinner, place again the napkin neatly tied on the left side of your plate.

Set Up Payment Ahead of Time

If you are hosting the meeting, you should take the responsibility to pay for the meals of your guests. As they say, those who invite will be the ones to pay. So before your dinner meeting, make sure that you call the restaurant in advance to set up your payment. If you are a woman, it might be challenging to convince the men that you will settle the bill while you are already on the table. So to avoid problems, give the restaurant your credit card information in advance.

You always have to remember that at hotel-casino restaurants, you should make sure to follow the silent code of communication. Soe before you go to your business meeting at the aqua Caliente hotel, review the tips mentioned above. Whether you are the host or you are invited for a dinner meeting, then you are prepared because you now know the do’s and don’ts when dining at casino hotel restaurants in aqua Caliente.