The Aniak Philosophy

Each and every Siberian Husky at Aniak is a "family-member", first and foremost. ALL OF OUR DOGS ARE LOVINGLY BORN AND RAISED IN THE HOME. Our motto is "QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE". Our entire breeding program is based on TEMPERAMENT.

If a Siberian Husky does not have a good temperament, no matter how beautiful it appears, you cannot live with it. They will make you miserable. All of our Sibes, here at Aniak, can and do run together as a single pack. They all get along with each other. This is a must!!

It is our goal, when we do a breeding, to objectively evaluate both the father and the mother and carefully examine and acknowledge whatever faults they have. We OFA and CERF all of our breeding stock. The OFA exams are done at 2 years of age. The eye exams are done every year. All of the Siberians that are in our breeding program are registered with CERF and we have their eyes rechecked each year. It is our sincere desire to put a better quality Siberian on the ground than either it's father or mother. We were fortunate to start with good breeding stock that had wonderful pedigrees.

We put our hearts and souls into providing you with the very best dog that you have ever had. I am a Professional Registered Nurse. I have worked for the last 18 years in a high-risk Labor and Delivery Unit for the largest HMO in the USA. Birthing babies and puppies just comes naturally to me. I have raised 4 children and now have 8 grandchildren .

Puppies are a lot of work

I am very maternal by instinct. Our mothers whelp in one of our two whelping rooms. They are squeaky-clean and hospital sanitary. They are in the house. Sanitation is a major concern to me, for all areas that the dogs live in are areas that I live in also.

Fawn's litter

When we have a litter of puppies, I literally move into the whelping room and spend the entire first week with the new mother and her little ones. Our survival rate is 99% of all puppies born here. I literally spend hundreds of hours with each litter interacting with them to provide you with emotionally secure puppies who are confident and ready to take on the world. Our puppies spend the first three weeks of life with their dams in the whelping room. At that time, all they require is Mom, and a clean environment.

By the time they are three weeks old, their eyes are open and they are running all around. I then relocate them, in the daytime, to the kitchen where they are put into a configuration of 2 ex-pens clipped together. We have an oak table that has claw feet and the pups love to sleep under the feet on the table.

They are literally "in the middle of everything" there. They are continuously exposed to the sights and sounds of a busy household. They hear the vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, garbage disposal, radio, TV, and experience a never-ending flow of people around them. Our adult children and grandchildren interact with them frequently. At night, they are returned to their whelping room to enjoy Mom being with them.

At five to six weeks of age, they are taken outside during the day to the large puppy kennel. At night, they are brought back into the whelping room until we start their official crate training. (Usually at 6 weeks.) I spend the whole first day outside with them starting to potty-train them to wood shavings. At six weeks we move them into our bedroom and they are taught to be quiet and content in their crate. This lasts for their whole lifetime. When I travel with a dog to a dog show, they are happy and content at the airport and in the hotel room with me. They have been taught that they are part of the pack and that this crate is their own personal traveling bedroom. To accomplish the complete start to finish crate training, usually costs us about two to three week of sleep but, it is a labor of LOVE.

Puppy pen in the kitchen

My new puppy owners are very grateful when they take their new puppy home. We frequently are told that "the puppy never cried in their home, he just went right to sleep from the very first night.


Between the ages of 6 to 9 weeks, we prepare our pups to leave us. Our pups are never taken away from their mother. She teaches them many things during those weeks. How to get along with people and each other (Basic Manners 101). These lessons last a lifetime and are of critical importance. Pups that are removed from their Mom before this time may never learn how to relate well to other dogs. We start our housebreaking and our leash training at this time. We also permanently identify all of our dogs with an AVID Microchip. No puppy leaves us without having their microchip placed.

Since Siberians are such escape artists, our new puppy owners are grateful to know that IF the microchip is needed, it is already part of their puppy. This gives all of us a little more sense of security when a new puppy goes home.

I am aware that puppies, like children, go through critical periods of growth and development that must be successfully completed. If this is not done correctly, the puppy cannot develop to its fullest potential. I work with the puppies to see that they get through each phase of these critical periods.

The Siberians at Aniak are raised side by side with our grandchildren. Our newly born infants meet our Sibes the same day that they come home from the hospital. A quick sniff and a lick and the "funny little furless puppy that smells a little different" is quickly accepted into the pack. As the children are growing up, both Sibes and grandchildren spend many hours romping and playing together. It is not unusual to find both dogs and the young master sleeping soundly on grandma's bed. Our Sibes love children and make wonderful companions for them. They also make great pillows too!!!

I mentor all of my new and old puppy buyers continuously. I make myself available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have a problem or concern and it is 3:00AM , and you can't sleep or figure out what to do about it, call me. Chances are much more than likely that we have "been there, done that" and can give you advice.

Sarah & baby

We stay in touch with our puppy and dog buyers. I am always getting cards, letters and photographs of the dogs and pups that we have sold. I literally know where each and every dog that we have brought into the world is. I "reach out and touch them" via the telephone and the internet. I would honestly say that this will become a lifelong relationship for you, your puppy/dog and us. I tell all of my potential puppy buyers that they will become part of our large Siberian family. Also, I tell them if they don't like me, don't buy a dog from me because our relationship will continue after the sale of their Siberian Husky.

Dogs in bed

When we bought our first Siberian, the breeder told us "Thank you, good luck" and that was it. I knew absolutely nothing about the breed. We did not receive any further mentoring about them. As a consequence, our first Siberian was killed instantly by a car the FIRST time he left our yard. It also was the day that he turned seven months old. We live on almost an acre of land and it is on a hillside. We are about 300 feet from the road. We have always had a fenced yard. All we needed to have done, to have prevented such a tragedy, was to have closed the gate. Our backyard breeder never gave us a clue about this.

They only said, "Yes, they are a really pretty dog." Our previous breed, NEVER left our yard. Our gate was always open, now it is always closed and padlocked. Actually, it looks like Alcatraz here but our Sibes are safe and sound and best of all, ALIVE!!!!!

In order to buy a Siberian from Aniak, a person MUST PROVE TO US THAT THEY ARE A BETTER HOME FOR THAT PUPPY OR DOG THAN WE ARE. It is actually an easy thing to do if the reasons that you want one are the correct ones. I have found, without fail, that the right puppy or dog will approach the right owner and they choose each other. I do not know how that happens but it hasn't failed me yet. There are certainly many choices in deciding who to buy your Siberian from. I want to make lifelong placements for all of my dogs/puppies, so we are fully prepared to keep each dog/puppy until the "right home" comes along for them. There is no rush to get them placed in just any home, that is not acceptable for any Aniak Siberian!!!

Kyle & Hyjack

We want to provide you with the very best dog that you have ever owned. We spare no expense or effort to achieve this. You can see for yourself what a difference our efforts make.

Kyle & Hyjack

I feel the need to provide our new puppy/dog buyers with detailed information that will make the transition from here to your home smooth and easy. We give you lots of handouts and suggestions which we tailor to your own personal set of circumstances and lifestyles. We also have many satisfied owners of our dogs who are more than willing to talk to you about how pleased they are, both with their Aniak Siberian/s and with us as breeders.

We do all of these things because WE LOVE THE SIBERIAN HUSKY. They are so special. I try to talk nine out of ten potential puppy buyers out of buying one. They definitely are not a dog you can throw out in the backyard and ignore. They need to be a part of your family and they need to be in the middle of your life. Actually, they are like children and you are their parents.

You cannot "get rid of" your children because they did something that upset you, the same is true with the Siberian. If there is a problem, we help you to fix it. We have found that proper mentoring and acclimation to your environment will make you love your Aniak Siberian so much that you will truly wonder how you ever got this far in life without one or two of them ...

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