Crate Training

This information is about a pet owners guide to the dog crate. Far too many potentially good pets are misunderstood, unfairly punished/abused , isolated or simply "gotten rid of" by otherwise kind and well-meaning owners who are unable to prevent, control or live with the common "problem" behavior of puppies and young adult dogs. The correct use of a dog crate could give many of these innocent animals the chance they need and deserve to spend their lives as the appreciated pet of a satisfied owner.

A dog crate is a rectangular enclosure with a top and a door, made in a variety of sizes proportioned to fit any type of dog. They are made of wire, metal, wood, or molded fiberglass/plastic. Their purpose is to provide guaranteed confinement for reasons of security, safety, housebreaking, protection of household goods, travel, illness, or just general control. A dog crate, correctly and humanely used can have many advantages for both you and your pet.

As the dog sees it: I love having my own room. It is my private special place, my security blanket and the closed door doesn't bother me. His den instinct is inherited from his den-dwelling relatives and ancestors. He is not afraid or frustrated when closed in. Actually he is much happier and more secure having his life controlled and structured by human beings. To you, it's a "cage". To him, it's "home". When you travel and are away from home, his home can go along with him.

Kyle in crate

As the pet owner sees it: "It's like a jail." "It's cruel." "I would never put my dog in a cage like that." That is pretty typical for a first reaction. As a human being, you really value your freedom and, since you consider your pet an extension of your human family, it is only natural to feel that closing him in a crate would be cruel and inhumane. You may feel that it would cause him to resent and even to hate you and might well result in psychological damage.

Kyle and Siberian in crate

Use your crate but don't abuse it. It is not meant for extended confinement. I recommend that the crate be placed in the bedroom with you at night, the same as you would have a new baby at the bedside. That way, the puppy will become part of your pack. A Siberian is definitely a pack animal and you are the pack leader. They really do better as a pet if they are with you, especially in the beginning. This has worked well for us and at night all we do is tell the dogs to go to bed and they all go to their crates. I have crates both inside and outside and have the doors open. Most of the time, my Sibes choose to go in and have a nice nap in them without any prompting from us. I have additional literature available for our new puppy owners which gives more information on how to of use a crate properly.


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